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Gayatri Nair is a Contemporary Traveling 'Candid' Wedding Photographer who works out of Chennai but has shot weddings in Singapore, Jaipur, Bangalore, Mumbai, Madras, Delhi, Cochin and more. 

Get to know me. 

The following quote best summarises my philosophy in life:

People who love to eat are always the best people
— Julia Child
photo by Juliette Charvet

photo by Juliette Charvet

Food is my first love. Unfortunately, since I'm not a talented cook, and there aren't many jobs available for people who "love to eat", I followed my next passion, photography.

I became a professional photographer very randomly. After working at a bank for 7 years in Singapore and New York, life (actually, marriage) brought me to Madras. I decided to pursue my serious hobby and started shooting weddings in 2012. Since then I've shot some beautiful weddings in Madras, Singapore, Hyderabad, Cochin, Bombay, Goa and more. 

I live in Chennai by the beach, which is kind of awesome, cause I get to wake up to this every day. Sigh.


When I'm home, there's nothing I'd rather do than hangout with my 3 dogs and one cat at home, and enjoy sipping my filter coffee and looking out onto the Bay of Bengal. 

photo by Subramaniam PV

photo by Subramaniam PV

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