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Shuchi's EatWith event in NYC

All views expressed below are biased but truthful :)

Shuchi is one of my best friends in the whole world. 

As someone who has grown up eating home cooked indian food, I was curious what Indian style tapas would be like. And I'm happy to report, that it is pretty awesome! I know most people associate Indian cooking with being heavy, rich, overly spicy and rarely presented with care. A meal with Shuchi, on the other hand, shows you how Indian food can be light, healthy and beautiful to look at. The evening began with a view of the spectacular sunset over the Jersey horizon and accompanying it were some small bites that Shuchi had prepared as a welcome treat. The cauliflower frittata and eggplant toasties disappeared off the table within minutes. As Manhattan's lights came on, our first course of a lentil & mushroom soup was served. It was a good start for those walking in from a cold New York evening. The next two courses were very finger-food friendly adaptations of some Indian comfort food. First were bite-sized baked chickpea patties that were nicely spiced and topped with a sriracha mayonnaise. These were followed by minced chicken (keema) on little fried dough fritters. Pretty much everyone went for seconds (and even thirds) on these! A well-spiced green biryani tempered with yoghurt was the final course before dessert. Topped with a crisp papadom on top, the biryani had great flavors of fresh mint, coriander and chillies. The dessert of cardamom custard over a chocolate ganache really hit the spot, capping off a wonderful meal. Shuchi's nouveau interpretation of traditional staples was refreshing and delectable. She's the kind of cook that really believes that we taste not only with our tongue but also our eyes : so each course was presented beautifully. To sum up, an Eatwith experience with Shuchi features an engaging host, a breathtaking view and a unique flavorful menu.